Brazil Day Philadelphia!

The Philadelphia Capoeira Arts Center

The Philadelphia Capoeira Arts Center (PCAC) is in Center City Philadelphia, 1 block from Reading Terminal Market and next the Convention Center. Public transportation is easily accessible. Friendly and safe, the PCAC provides an optimal environment for learning Capoeira. Throughout the year, we offer Capoeira classes, Samba, Latin dance classes, and special workshops with visiting masters. The PCAC is open to everybody and welcomes all races, ages and sexes. It is the home of our group, A.S.C.A.B (the American Society of Capoeira and Arts from Brazil), and Project Capoeira, Inc, a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of Capoeira.

Mission Statement of Project Capoeira, Inc

The mission of Project Capoeira, Inc., formerly known as the American Society of Capoeira and Arts from Brazil (ASCAB) is to grow cultural awareness and sense of community through arts education. We devote ourselves to preserve the Brazilian art form of Capoeira in a multicultural and multi-disciplinary fashion. Project Capoeira, Inc. was founded to work interactively with the community so as to foster many high-quality opportunities for cultural enrichment.

Our commitment is to creating a safe, welcoming, non-discriminatory environment to learn, explore, and grow as individuals in broader communities. Arts education for adults and children is offered at the Philadelphia Capoeira Arts Center and by working in cooperation with community centers, schools, museums, libraries, camps, and festivals. Project Capoeira's programs are designed to support and follow educational curricular guidelines. Most importantly, the social interaction between students of Capoeira, many of whom come from diverse backgrounds, provides an optimal space for intercultural communication.